One of the concerns of those who want to have a website for their business is SEO and site optimization. Designing the site with SEO principles makes the site match the algorithms of the search engines and the site ranks first. Achieving website design with good SEO principles is possible with effort and spending appropriate time and money.

The first step is designing a website with SEO principles. First, we need to determine a number of keywords that we want our site to be on the first page of when searching for these words. In designing a site with SEO principles, keywords are of particular importance.

Website design standards can include such things as optimization and modification of website template codes, simplicity of the website’s appearance, use of appropriate color combination in the construction of the website, ease of access to the desired content by the visitor.

Content is the most important priority of search engines. Not using duplicate content and using new content, in addition to being important for site visitors, makes search engines recognize your site as a content producing site. Also, Google attaches great importance to the timing of publishing content and site news.

Another important point is the size of the site. The size of the site, which has an important effect on SEO, is a factor that is much more difficult to improve after the site design is finished than during the site design. When designing sites that have the goal of SEO, the designed graphic format may be selected and designed in a way that makes the size of the site as low as possible. Therefore, the best way for successful SEO is to consider it during the planning process, template design and technical design of the site.

Techniques used in website design with SEO principles

Using new design technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3

Do not use flash files

Optimized site structure

Proper use of heading tags

Proper use and definition of keywords

Design according to phone and laptop pages that Google assigns a higher score to such websites.

The benefits of using new technologies for website design with SEO principles

It reduces the cost and time to be on the first page of Google

The user can easily communicate with the website.

Codes are more readable and can be easily compressed.

The amount of control over the codes is more so that you can design regular sites.

It is easy to display on different devices.