Real Estate System

Real estate system

The most important step to expand your business is designing a dedicated store website. Develop your business with our online store and be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Right now, while you are reading this text, some people are looking for your services on the Internet! They tend to have your services in the easiest way and in the shortest possible time. By having a complete site, in addition to providing better services to customers, you can reduce your costs and eliminate physical dependence to receive customers.

Some features of our real estate system:

Multilingual completely independently
Product warehouse management
The possibility of inserting and displaying comments for the product by the user
Determining the shipping method (motorized courier, warehouse delivery)
Ability to calculate and issue invoices and apply taxes
Professional registration of a new product with a simple and uncomplicated design
Subcategory registration of products without the need to create a new product
Dedicated application
Offer sale price along with discount price
Providing and managing exciting and amazing plans
Admin SMS system